It is absolutely vital that parents/carers keep the school informed regarding pupil absence. If a pupil is going to be absent unexpectedly, parents/carers should phone the school 01506 871510 on the first morning of the absence and give an indication of how long it is likely to be for. Parents may either be able to speak to a member of the Pupil Support Team or leave a message on the answerphone if staff are busy.

Requests fpr planned absences should be made in writing to the Head Teacher.  Requests for holidays during term time will not be approved.

GroupCall is an electronic messaging service managed by Pupil Support. A text message is sent to the main parent/carer contact to alert them to any unexplained absences. PArents are requested to respond to GroupCall absence messages as quickly as possible. 

GroupCall is also used by school management to alert parents/carers to events such as parents evenings/school closures etc.  Parents and carers are therefore requested to keep their contact details up to date and notify the school of any changes immediately.

Please refer to West Lothian Council's Attendance at School Policy for further information:

Non-attendance at school

Attendance at school is closely monitored. If there is a cause for concern you will be contacted by the Pupil Support Manager to offer support. Should there be no improvement, a meeting will be arranged in school to try to resolve the situation. Serious cases of non-attendance are referred to outside agencies such as the Children and Young Person’s Support team (CYPT) or medical support. A multi-agency meeting may take place, chaired by Depute (Support) to attempt to resolve attendance issues. In some circumstances, a report is sent to the Reporter of the Children’s Panel or the WL Attendance Group.

It is important that pupils attend at all times including the last day of terms.


Pupils should normally arrive in school by 8.35am in good time for the start of Tutor at 8.40am. Latecoming is disruptive to a child’s education and is discouraged. Parents of pupils who are frequently late will be informed and may be invited to a multi-agency meeting. Pupils who are frequently late will attend detention on Friday afternoons.